your motor yacht delivery

seasonal weather influences.

3. Weather – your skipper needs an intimate understanding of weather and sea conditions. Ideally your motor yacht delivery skipper will be experienced with the weather across the seas you need crossed and have the tools and skill to best deal with unexpected weather during your motor yacht delivery.

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4. Navigation – routing can mean the difference between smooth seas and treacherous conditions during your motor yacht delivery. If you and your skipper are not familiar with the route, extra research is required. Ideally, engage a skipper who has experience with motor yacht delivery along your required crossing. Subtle rerouting along the way by an experienced skipper can make the difference between a safe motor yacht delivery and unfortunate incidents at sea.

5. Vessel maintenance – your motor yacht needs to be in safe, working condition before the commencement of the motor yacht delivery.
6. Paperwork – prior to departure of your motor yacht delivery, your delivery skipper should prepare all relevant customs and immigration documentation.