Welsh Gold In All Its Splendour

When we invest in something we always look to find the best that life has to offer us. There is no point in putting money towards something that is mediocre and ordinary. When it comes to jewellery,Welsh Gold In All Its Splendour Articles most people are interested in gold. Since ancient civilizations, gold has been a precious commodity that people have wanted to possess. But it’s important to buy quality gold that is of high standard in order for it to be worth your investment. The secret lies in the small country of Wales. Wales mines the most precious and sought after gold in the world. It is most commonly referred to as Welsh gold. Wales possesses the only 3 mines in the world that extract Welsh gold.






Clogau gold mine is one of the 3 mines in Wales that produces Welsh Gold jewellery. Clogau gold mine is nestled high up in the Snowdonia mountain ranges. The unfortunate reality is that the supply of Welsh gold is running out. All 3 of the Welsh gold mines are almost completely cleaned out and there is no other source left to mine more. Welsh gold is known for its unique colouring. It has a pinkish hue due to the traces of copper in it. The citizens of Wales have a deep attachment to this gold and buy it so they can own a piece of their heritage. Members of the royal family first began investing in Welsh gold. In fact they even started the royal tradition of using pure Welsh gold for their wedding rings. This tradition continues even today. Royalty and celebrities all over the world are dazzled by the splendour of Welsh gold.

Though the general public cannot afford pure Welsh gold they have a chance of investing in jewellery that contains a touch of rare Welsh gold. By investing in this Welsh gold jewellery they own an important piece of their heritage and culture. By wearing Welsh gold jewellery, they carry a piece of Wales wherever they go. Clogau gold is one of th