Vehicle networking era is coming

information resources sharing framework. At the same time promoting the city’s “intelligent transportation” of a project construction, push forward the public security, transportation, bus system, traffic information resource integration and sharing work to improve the traffic information of the people, the level of service, will achieve an important traffic sections, an important transportation equipment as controllable, and effectively improve transportation, monitoring, management and security, emergency response capabilities. Information resources integration and sharing of the city will promote the transition of management functions, improve work efficiency and service levels, and social benefits is initially apparent.

According to reports, the city intelligent transportation project started a year ago, the 1800 car host of the intelligent transportation system 62 bus lines, 197 sets of scheduling screen, 100 sets of station section card installation is complete, more than 3,200 employees have accepted the system of training, 68 Station through Service “is enabled, intelligent scheduling, customer service, call center in operation. The public security departments complete intelligent transportation network and security, public security information network border access platform, FCD Floating Car System, signal system construction and integration platform upgrade, the hardware construction of the traffic control center. Bus lanes capture system has been put into use, the 1571 offense records of the announcement, effectively curb the illegal occupation of bus lanes phenomenon. Transport sector to complete the transport sector supervision and service platform development, including dangerous goods transport, passenger GPS acquisition, transportation affairs basic data, complaints illegal data extraction platform database development, data analysis and information service functions of research and development, as well as industry monitoring, traffic technology early development of the law enforcement system.