Value of First American Gold Coins

Coin collectors, both professional and beginners, have an enormous choice now available when it comes to choosing which coins to add to their private collection or investment portfolio. However, the one coin that has been around since the first coin minting and continues to be well sought after is the American Gold Coin. The first of this great piece of history was minted back in the late 1700s. This coin, called the American Eagle Gold coin was worth $10 while the American Half Eagle Gold coin was $5. Today these same gold coins have garnished over half a million dollars at coin auctions. One of the most unique and most loved of these coins is the American Buffalo coin, which was minted with 24-karat gold in 2005 from the style of the Buffalo Nickel of the early 1900s.


What makes the American Gold Coin so Unique?

Whether it’s jewelry, coins or precious knick-knacks or gold furnishings, the first question asked is, “Is it real gold?” When paper money was invented, everyone was thrilled! Let’s face it, twenty singles or a twenty dollar bill weighs a lot less in the pocket than twenty coins. However, not only can paper money get easily ripped or destroyed during laundry but it’s also drastically affected by economy. When economy takes a huge nosedive as it’s been known to do, the value of the paper money takes the same downward dive. Gold, on the other hand, is not infinite like paper and has increased in values one can only imagine. Since 2001, the value of gold has tripled. One year ago it traded at $1,000 an ounce-an all time record high.

Value of the gold coin is not the only thing that makes the American Gold Coin so special and sought after. These coins are a part of our history – a large part! When you purchase an old gold coin, you’ve purchased a piece of nostalgia and history of our country. What a great legacy to leave your children or grandchildren. When gold coins such as the American Eagle coins are going for such a high rate, it’s not just because of the price of gold. Another part of their value is that they are so old, which makes them a part of your history. You get a great sense of national pride to own something from the past.