The Amazing Race – A Great Online Game

If you are a great fan of racing games then you certainly know of the many racing games available on the web, there is just one problem with these racing games, most of them are monotonous and take you nowhere fast. The goal of some of these games is to compete against other cars (which I’m pretty sure you are used to) others will set obstacles and throw them at you faster and faster according to the level you are on and others will just reward you for taking down those obstacles.

As you see there are just so many things a racing game can do, this is where “The Amazing Race” sets itself apart from the rest of the online games, it is called amazing because it simply is! Unlike all other racing games you have played so far, this one takes you high up to the mountains, the car you will be using is not a sports

The goal of the game is to get from start to finish without crashing the car, the terrain in the mountains is irregular and hard to tame that is why you should proceed with caution, the mountains can be too steep to climb and may overturn your vehicle if you are coming at it too fast.

What makes it more of a challenge is that you don’t get to see the terrain which in front of you, the only thing you see is the road which is just a few feet away, you might be climbing very high just to find yourself with a sharp fall which will cause you to crash the car against the base of mountain, at some parts you might even feel some vertigo, don’t worry it is normal.

A few seconds after you start the race you may crash the car, overturn it or a combination of those; don’t get discouraged as you need to take it slow to learn the tricks to get pass those obstacles. You