Talking Doll Toy- lighting up a child’s eye

I want a Talking Dolly,Guest Posting that is walking too, exclaims the little girl at the Toy Shop. The one with that pretty face, the brightly colored awesome dress and those loveable golden curls, I want to be her mommy and play teacher with her too. Can I hear what she can say, I am sure she has a sweet voice like a small baby, and looks so cute.

Deciding on the Talking Doll Toy you want to buy as a gift is a very mean task, why of course, how can you decide with such a variety to choose from, one talking Doll Toy is prettier than the other. Just think of a few that readily come to mind, the Russian styled Talking Doll Toy come at least in two designs that I can think of, the church girl and wedding beauty.  The new trend of having cheer leaders at sports events have seen the talking doll called the Cheer Leader Barbie doll present itself in toy stores. It has been found that a baby’s senses are stimulated by colorful and sound emitting Talking Doll Toy.  Many attractive names are given to the Talking Doll Toy, namely, Madeline talking doll, Little Mommy, Sid the Science kid, Charlie and Lola, Pete the Parrot, who repeats himself, just leave the kids enthralled, Jessie the fashion talking doll complete with heels and hat instigates the  young ones to mimic its attire, Sesame Street  character talking dolls, Bozo the clown, always grinning making the kids do the same too, the talking doll called Cowgirl from the film Toy Story, Martha the Talking doll dog, t