Seven Basic Rules that Apply to all Air Hockey Tables

This past Christmas break my oldest daughter was home from college. A welcome event since she is a freshman and it was her first time away from home for an extended period of time. We enjoyed having her home and spending quality time together,Guest Posting but one of the most enjoyable evenings was New Years Eve at the traditional family party. Down in the basement of the home we were at were a variety of game tables, including a couple of air hockey tables. There my daughter challenged me to a game.

When I was a child, my brother had a table, but I hadn’t played for years, but I felt up to the challenge because I didn’t think that my daughter had played at all. I easily scored and took an early lead, but it didn’t last long. We played to ten and I lost after an active, half hour game.

Many more games followed with various competitors. But by the end of the evening, it was a unanimous consensus that air hockey tables were the best of all game tables available. So, I started researching different air hockey tables, and along with it the rules (especially since we were unsure of them, even what score to play to for a win).

Now, air hockey isn’t very difficult, smack the puck into the opponents goal. But, there are some basic rules of which I was not aware. Here are some of these rules that hopefully can make game play more enjoyable on all air hockey tables.