Pitch Problems in the Recording Studio – 7 Solutions to Fix Them

rsal in new singers recording for the first time, but even veteran and professional vocalists can be affected by pitch control issues.




When an artist who is really good in live performance goes into the vocal booth, there are often numbing body language changes that take place, without the person even knowing it. The person ceases to move, ceases to “communicate” with the body, the hands and the face. The weight of the mic is missing, so the singer subconsciously leans forward with the head, causing the chest to cave in a bit. These actions cause breathing problems, affecting the inhale, breath support and breath control. They also lead to a tighter throat channel. Without fail, these factors are sources of pitch problems as well as other vocal limitations including thin sound and limited vocal range.

What can a singer do? Here are seven tips I’ve found to be instantly effective for improving pitch control in the vocal booth.

  1. Move your feet farther in towards the mic, which should ca