MP3 Satellite Radio is the Latest Revolutionizing Technology

The answer to all your MP3 satellite radio woes is here, revolutionizing radio in much the same way as Tivo did for satellite television! With Time Trax, you can now download your favorite XM and Sirius radio shows in high-quality MP3 format directly to your computer.

If you want to burn the MP3 files onto CD-R’s, post them on your website or even load them into your iTunes, it’s up to you! There’s no limit to what you can do with this neat little device.

Sure, you can purchase them directly from Sirius or XM Radio that can capture streaming radio and save it onto your portable player for later listening. For instance, XM’s Samsung Nexus, the Sirius S50 or the Dell DJ MP3 satellite one will store up to 50 hours of time-shifted content and record your favorite shows.

However, the shortcoming is that the contents are only available on that particular device. While you can plug your portable gadget into your car, home stereo or in some cases your computer, you won’t be able to effectively transfer individual songs or hours of broadcast back to your computer.

Time Trax is fantastic news for people who have already invested $400 in an iPod and would rather not purchase a separate device to stream radio. This can also be the perfect solution for that late-night exclusive concert or interview programming.

The software works with most XM and Sirius receivers – notably, XM PCR tuners, XM Direct receivers, as well as the Sirius Sportscaster, Sirius Connect Kenwood, Sirius Connect JVC, Sirius Connect Pioneer and Sirius Connect Alpine receivers. It won’t work with the Ski-Fi or Mi-Fi satellite radios at the moment, but generally it’s compatible with the most popular models of MP3 satellite radio.

What will you need to get started with Time Trax? First, you’ll obviously need your MP3 satellite radio and a subscription to either Sirius or XM, or simply an online subscription. If you just want to record off the internet and convert it to MP3 format for your iPod, you can choose to download the software for $49.

The other option is for people who want to record from their receivers. Thes