Increasing Your Podcast Downloads UsingThe Facebook Algorithm To Your Advantage

I discussed in a previous article about how Facebook “scores” each post you provide. In this article, I will go a little deeper into what “Signals” the Facebook Algorithm looks at in making the scoring determination. If you focus on increasing your interactions in these areas, you will increase your overall “algorithm score” and see more of your posts being promoted to a wider audience.

I use this method to help promote my podcast episodes and the number of downloads I receive. By using

Facebook to share the information, I have seen an increase in the number of downloads my podcast has received over time (as compared to when I do not make a post about an episode).

But simply posting a link to your podcast episode is not going to help you very much. You need to take the full spectrum analysis of the Facebook algorithm and use it to your advantage. It is possible and the following information will help in this area.

First is the number of comments and likes you receive on a post or video. You can grow this number by more with other people’s posts. This almost always results in them doing the same for your posts.

The next area, in fact, is “engagements.” How many of your friends pages and posts are you commenting on and engaging in conversations. Not just giving a “Like.” But actual conversations.

Which takes us to “Replies.” In order to increase the engagement score (which results from comments and likes), you need to REPLY to comments made on your posts. You will be surprised at the number of conversations that will result if you do so. Each of these conversations are “extra points” as far as Facebook is concerned.

Remember, Facebook is a SOCIAL MEDIA platform. It is