Gold – The Objectification of the Sun

affluence? Is it the color? Is it the luster? Is it the shine? Why are we, as a race completely and utterly flabbergasted as to why we all love gold? I will tell you why. Gold, for hundreds of years has represented something rare, something beautiful, and something lustrous that never fades. Human beings are constantly in search of something that doesn’t fade away with time, and that something turned out to mimic the sun in its brilliance. That something is gold.

Gold has been mined and utilized since before records. The oldest mention of gold is on an ancient Egyptian map made out of papyrus. It is readily apparent that our fascination with gold started long ago, and continues until today for good reason. The earliest uses of gold would have to be those of currency and vanity. Since gold was used for currency even amongst our early ancestors, it came to be a sign of wealth. This sign is the precise reason why we began to give each other gold jewelry as gifts, and why we made gold accessories to wear. The primary role of gold has always been to display and prove a state of wealthiness and affluence.

Amongst the many metals, why did we choose gold to wear around our necks as necklaces and around our wrists as bracelets? We have iron, and bronze, so what was so special about gold? If you have to ask, you probably have never seen gold. Gold holds an ethereal shine that reminds everyone who sees it of the brilliant light of the sun. Along with its natural color and brilliant shine, it is non-reactive and corrosion resistant. These attributes not only aided us in finding it before we had technologically advanced extraction methods, but it also allowed one to