Go Ahead and Mingle With Enjoyment With Cheap Car Rentals in Gold Coast

A buzzing coastal city between Brisbane and the New South Wales border, Gold Coast is an out and out perfect holiday destination. Giving way to spectacular beaches and golden sand sprawling over 35 km, this city holds some of the best surfs and an incredible sub tropical climate. You can never get enough of this place with innumerable options of having fun, which includes exciting theme parks, fantastic nightlife, sun-kissed locals and a laid-back lifestyle. Besides, availability of cheap car rental in Gold Coast is more than enough to let the fun rolling.


This is perhaps the only city in the area, offering bespoke entertainment to gratify the desires of all age groups. The adventure seekers can bang in the amazing theme parks and also indulge in various activities including bungee jumping, para-sailing, water skiing, para-gliding, abseiling, balloon ride and surfing. The Gold Coast also hosts the Indy 300 in the month of October each year. At this time of the year, the streets of Surfers Paradise are jam packed with a host of racing cars, providing plenty of action and entertainment for the whole family. One can also discover the astonishing world beneath the sea, by indulging in scuba diving activities. With cheap car hire in Gold Coast, drive to the most exhilarating experience of your life.

For the meeker souls, there are numerous options like relaxing and get the most amazing tan on the beaches, or enjoy the serene views of the rainforests and hinterland, just across the beaches. If golfing is your passion, then do visit any of the 36 Championship Golf Courses along the Gold Coast to take a shot at it. The glorious hinterland beholds some amazing walking trails around McPherson Range, which follows the New South Wales border where it joins the Great Dividing Range. Here, you can explore the native wild life of Australia and soak in some fabulous sce