Get a Ton of Gold by Level 40

A lot of World of Warcraft gold guides assert that you have to be at level 60 before you can make a lot of gold. These manuals establish their points well by letting you know that the time you spend leveling up and the time you make a lot of gold are akin to each other. However, the statements these manuals say seemingly contradict what can happen in the game. If you could purchase your first mount, an armor, or weapons you will use in the future while at lower levels, then you should go ahead. If you have a good World of Warcraft guide by your side, you could get filthy rich at Level 40 – with the gold only players from Level 70 can make.

How to get rich

Although World of Warcraft gold guides state that you can’t get rich quick, there is one item they got right: you can make a lot of gold by leveling up instead of slugging for it. The time you spend making 100-250 gold at Level 70 is the same as making 50 gold at level 30. Instead of wasting your time, you can earn gold at a later time. Although this is the case, you can earn a lot of gold at lower levels by amalgamating farming and fundamental auction house strategies, which are analogous to the profits you can gain in other levels. A lot of World of Warcraft gold guides can tell you how to do this.

Easy notions such as recognizing when to buy at low prices and when to vend at higher amounts make the “get rich easy scheme” much easier. However, the point is that you should know what to vend and when to vend it. Prepare yourself for unforeseen events such as market vacillations. You also have to know your objectives. How many gold do you want to make by the time you reach level 40? Do you want to make gold just enough for the first mount, or sufficient for every mount you’ll buy there on?

There are a number of players who, with the help of their good World of Warcraft gold guides, have made thousands and thousands of gold as a mere novice in level 1. They earn lots by heading straight to the auction house and using their abilities at finding hot deals. By making judicious acquisitions and deals, they get ahead of the rest of the players.

So the next time somebody tells you that you can’t make a fortune before you reach level 60 or 70, don’t believe them. People who say this apparently have never been to the auction house selling their possessions smartly.