Garden City, Silicon City – Bangalore

Bangalore is the headquarters of Karnataka from 1956 and it took the status of a headquarters in present period from 1831 at what time the British Commissioners took ended the administration of Mysore State from the Mysore Prince. The place repute is found mentioned in a 9th century history of Begur as ‘Benguluru’ ‘Bengu’ sense a Shrub colloquially called Rakta Honne (Benga trees). Kempegowda II gave the same repute to the fresh town, he founded i.E., the submit Mega City. Earlier, it was the command center of the Yelahanka Nadaprabhus who ruled under Vijayanagara Empire and built the fresh town with the fort. Kempegowda II is supposed to take raised the fort in 1537 as for every the instructions of Emperor Achutharaya of Vijayanagara.

The old Gavipura natural cave shrine of Gangadhara built at some stage in the Ganga phase came to be delayed at some stage in the Vijayanagara phase and the monolithic Basava in Basavanagudi was got engraved by this private. The private as well built the largely beautiful Someshwara Temple on Ulsoor. The era as well twisted many tanks which include the Ulsoor tank, Dharmambudhi tank (present Bus Stand), Chennamba tank (now called Chennamma tank) next to BSK II stage and Kempambudhi tank. Within 1637 Bijapur Army subject Bangalore and granted it as Jagir to Shahji, Shivaji’s father. Shahji and his son Ekoji had Bangalore under their control turn over 1687 at what time it was subject by the Mughul army and the city was specified on let out to Chikkadevaraya of Mysore. He built the Venkataramana temple and a fresh fort beside the existing old fort.

Bangalore which had mature as an developed and money-making centre under the Kempegowda private and the Marathas, was advance urbanized by Chikkadevaraya as he invited weavers from Baramahal (Tamilnadu) area to take place and settle down in Bangalore. Later Bangalore was granted as Jahgir to Haider and at what time he usurped power from the Wodeyars, he strengthened the fresh fort by using granite blocks. He built a palace next to the Venkataramana temple and in progress Lalbagh, the famous Botanical Garden of Bangalore. Later a beautiful Glass House was built in 1889 due to the hard work of the government modeled on the gemstone Palace of England. This magnificent shape has been renovated with fascinating imported coloured glasses. Bangalore was captured by the British in 1791 under the leadership of noble Cornwallis and it was returned to Tipu once he signe