Are There Any Laser Teeth Whitening Side Effects?

the supermarket. Almost every dental brand carries a whitening product of some kind. These home treatments can seem like a good idea, but the results may not be long lasting. The only way to guarantee the ultimate results is to visit a dentist to have laser whitening done. The procedure is very safe. Laser teeth whitening side effects shouldn’t deter you from having a brighter smile.

Whether you whiten your teeth at home, or at the dentist, there may be some side effects. Hydrogen peroxide is placed on the teeth to remove stains. At the dentist office, they will use a laser to speed up the results. Laser teeth whitening side effects can include mouth sensitivity if the guard is not properly in place. Patients are not numbed during treatment so they can let the dentist know if they are experiencing increased sensitivity. This way, the patients mouth and teeth are not over aggravated during the procedure.

Should a patient experience a high amount of pain during the whitening procedure, the dentist may decide to cut the treatment short. This ensures that the laser teeth whitening side effects don’t include nerve damage to the teeth or gums. Dentists are able to neutralize the PH balance of the peroxide to have the procedure be as comfortable as possible. Some dentists may recommend that their patients take an over-the-counter pain reliever such as ibuprofen before they undergo the whitening process.

Once the procedure is completed and the patient is at home they still have to take some precautions. The results of laser whitening will last as long as the patient keeps up with their dental hygiene. They must be careful what to eat and drink as staining foods may reverse the results of the whitening. Stay away from staining foods such as red wine and coffee for at least a few weeks after the treatment is completed. Tooth sensitivity to hot and cold beverages and foods may be a side effect of th